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This past week I have had the opportunity to brush up on my testing skills. I started out the week excitedly thinking,
“Finally, a project that I will be able to write tests for!”. That excitement slowly came to a halt. Here’s why:

The app I’m working on has a ton of conditional rendering. Depending on the users role they will see something either
slightly different or completely different from a user with a different role. This means, when testing the endpoints I had a problem.

I had authorization middleware, I thought initially I could just do what the endpoints…

The nonprofit organization that I worked with is called Story Squad. The goal of Story Squad is to give children between the ages of 8 and 12 to engage in creative activities, specifically reading and drawing to boost there creativity and nurture creation over consumption.

On the project I worked on the back-end using Node.js and Express. The problem I chose to work on was probably the hardest problem I’ve ever tried to solve. …

Most arrays we encounter are dynamic arrays, the difference between a dynamic and a static array is that a dynamic array does not have a fixed size and a static array does.

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  1. To look up an item by index in an array is constant time O(1). If you have the specific index of an object in an array, the computations to find that item in memory are all constant time as well.
  2. Adding an item to an array is constant time O(1). …

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ADTs(Abstract Data Types) can be quite difficult to grasp if you don’t have a computer science background or if you have never used a Object Oriented programming language. But understanding what they are and the advantages they provide can be quite beneficial for your programming career or hobby.

1.) Abstraction:

the user of an ADT doesn’t need to know or even understand any of the implementation details of the ADT, which reduces the complexity of the programming task.

2.) Localization of bugs:

if there are bugs either in the representation or implementation of the ADT, the bugs are local to the ADT, and can’t be caused…

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